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Treating Gynecomastia in men

What is Gynecomastia? Why is it an embarrassing problem?
Gynecomastia is a pathological problem, which is the enlargement of breast size and its sagging in men, causing a lot of stress and tension in men due to their unlikable appearance.
This problem is, of course, an embarrassing problem as it hinders men from moving freely, especially in places such as beaches, swimming pools and sports halls.

But the picture is not that dark, as this is not the end of the problem of gynecomastia in men. In Cosmetic medicine, there is always a solution to any problem that causes distress and lack of self-esteem for the owner.
Treatment of the problem of gynecomastia is provided by cosmetic medicine and became widespread these days, As the problem appears not only in the elderly but also in the youth as well, as a result of many reasons that we will discuss in our article now.

* A homogeneous gynecomastia may occur in both breasts or is non-homogeneous as the enlargement occurs in one of the breasts without the other.
* Accumulation of fat in the breast causing a problem of gynecomastia in men, may be accompanied by hypertrophy of the mammary glands or not.

8 reasons for Gynecomastia in men:
2-Some medications such as: anti-depressants and cancer treatments.
3-Hormonal changes, the most important of which is the high percentage of Estrogen hormone, which is the feminine hormone.
4-Some types of drugs and alcohol.
5-Some tumours.
8-Hyperactive thyroid gland.

Gynecomastia in men and breast cancer:
There may be a lot of anxiety and discomfort when a man's breast enlargement occurs for fear of breast cancer, even if it is rare in men.
Tagmeel Clinic advises you to do the necessary tests and get rid of the problem of gynecomastia. And reassures you that gynecomastia in men is not necessarily a sign of breast cancer.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia in men:
1-Swelling or enlargement of the breast.
2-Appearance of secretion from the nipple coming from either one breast or two.
3-Breast pain.

Is the surgical treatment for Gynecomastia suitable for me?
It is suitable for you if:
1-You tried to treat it with practising exercises and following diet regimens, but did not fit.
2-You are not an obese patient, to maintain the outcome of the process.
3-You are Older than 18 years to ensure the complete growth of breasts, and to avoid any changes in breasts after the operation.
4-You are Non-smoker or intending to quit smoking for its harmful effect on wound healing.
5-You do not suffer from other hormonal disorders that may cause the problem relapse again.
6-Your breast enlargement is inactive but in a stable phase to avoid returning it again.
7-You tried to use medication to treat gynecomastia and did not benefit.

What are the techniques for treating Gynecomastia and breast reduction in men?
1-Non-surgical treatment: Using medications that re-balance hormone Estrogen and Progesterone such as tamoxifen.
2-Surgical treatment: by liposuction of fat accumulated in the breast and removal of the excess skin, tissues and in some cases also disposal of the enlarged mammary glands.

Steps of breast reduction in men:
1-The first step is the pre-procedure where the surgeon is discussed about the procedure and all the details that concern it and the expected result.
2-The step of performing the required investigations and tests.
3-Stop medications that affect blood viscosity such as aspirin to avoid bleeding.
4-Procedure begins with the step of a small incision around the nipple after submission to the general anesthesia.
5-Getting rid of excess tissues, fat and excess skin.
6-In some cases, Appears the need to dispose excess mammary glands.
7-The wound is sutured cosmetically and a drain is applied that lasts a few days to discharge excess blood and fluids.
8-A bandage is placed on the chest area lasting about two weeks.

What do I expect after breast reduction in men?
-May appear some swelling and pain in the first days after the operation, which will gradually disappear and using light painkillers helps a lot.
-Avoid violent effort, bending and carrying heavy objects in the first two weeks after the operation.
-The doctor will remove the bandage from the chest area after at least two weeks.
-You can return back to everyday tasks after a few days of operation.
-Breast reduction surgery in men achieves impressive results provided that the you chose a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

Important information about Gynecomastia in men:
-Gynecomastia is degrees, depending on the amount of excess skin and the presence of enlarged mammary glands or not. The procedure for treatment is determined according to the degree of gynecomastia.
-The duration of the operation is about two hours and the convalescence period lasts for two weeks.
-Weight and fitness must be preserved after breast reduction to maintain the outcome of the process.
-For obese patients, Tagmeel clinic advises you to go for weight loss before the procedure to avoid the problem relapse and to maintain the outcome of the operation.
-The aim of breast reduction surgery in men is to get rid of breast enlargement and sagging and show the muscular part in men.

What is a False Gynecomastia?
It is gynecomastia which results from the accumulation of fat in the breast without swelling of the mammary glands and therefore is treated with vaser liposuction and chest contouring. 

Tagmeel Clinic and hundreds of success stories for breast reduction in men:
Do not select a specific plastic surgeon or cosmetic center before browsing their success stories. Tagmeel Clinic is honoured with hundreds of success stories for breast reduction cases in men.
Therefore, the center has gained extensive experience and skill in this type of surgeries.

Gynecomastia in men and low libido:
Gynecomastia in men and the enlarged size of the breast is not only a problem in appearance but extends to cause some other problems, the most important of which is low sexual desire, which causes a lot of stress and tension in men.

Healthy life and exercise... Important keys for breast reduction success:
The surgery must be followed by a balanced health system and regular exercises to obtain a perfect body and thus maintain the outcome of the operation.

Questions to discuss with your doctor before breast reduction:
1-Is there a non-surgical alternative that works for me?
2-How will the procedure be done in details?
3-What is the anesthesia used in the procedure?
4-How long will the convalescence period last after the procedure?
5-What are the post-surgery tips?
6-What are the possible complications?

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