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What is the Thigh lift surgery?
The thighs are the most prone places to accumulate and store fat like the arms area as well. The accumulation of fat in the thighs causes it to sag and droop, giving it a look that is not beautiful and affects the overall body shape and contour.
Thigh lift surgery eliminate this problem by eliminating excess fat and skin in this area and tightening it. Especially, the area of the thighs is one of the most resistant to diet regimens and sports.

Is the thigh lift surgery suitable for me?
The thigh lift procedure is suitable for you if you:
1-Tried the diet and exercise regimens and did not benefit to get rid of the thighs sagging.
2-Suffer from accumulation of fat and sagging thighs.
3-You do not intend to follow a severe diet or to be exposed to any significant fluctuations in weight.

What are the causes of thigh sagging?
1-Hereditary causes.
2-Special hormonal changes after pregnancy and childbirth.
3-Severe weight loss after bariatric surgeries or severe diet regimens.
4-After liposuction operations and loss of large amount of fat.

What are the types of thigh lift operations?
1-Longitudinal thigh lift.
2-Thighs lift with the butt.
3-Internal thigh lift.
4-Enlarged abdominal lift (includes abdomen, buttocks, thighs and butt).

How do I choose the right surgeon to perform the surgery?
Tagmeel Clinic advises you to wait before choosing the right surgeon to perform the thigh lift, as the experience of the surgeon makes a big difference in the outcome of the operation and the incidence of complications.
Here are some criteria to help you choose the right surgeon:
1-Watch success stories and before and after photos of the procedure.
2-Make sure you have easy communication with him after the operation.
3-Ensure the level and quality of the hospital in which He performs his surgeries.
4-Meet The surgeon and discuss with him all the questions that confuse you.

How is the Thigh Lift surgery done?
1-The patient is subjected to the general or local anesthesia depending on the condition.
2-The surgeon shall perform the surgical incision in places that are not visible as much as possible and determined by the quantity of the sagging and the size of the desired tightening.
3-Getting rid of some excess fat and unwanted skin and then tightening the thighs to get the patient two rounded thighs and consistent with the body.
4-Surgical incisions are closed cosmetically and a drain is placed which works to drain excess fluids and blood away from the wound.

What do you expect after a Thigh Lift?
After the operation, you will be impressed by the rounded thighs you get, but the final result is shown at least a month until the swelling and bruising are relieved.
Also expect some slight pain and a feeling of discomfort that will disappear over time.

Are there any recommendations after the Thigh Lift surgery?
1-The drain is removed after a few days of operation.
2-A medical corset must be worn around the thighs area to maintain the results of the operation.
3-The patient is committed to prescribed medications, especially antibiotics and painkillers.
4-Some of the swelling and bruising may appear and are normal symptoms that are subsided over time and the surgical effect of the scar disappears after a few months of operation.
5-You should avoid hard work and violent sports for at least a month and it is preferred to avoid the office work, which requires sitting for long periods of time for at least a month.

The cost of the Thigh Lift operation:
Of course, the cost of tightening the thighs varies depending on the patient's health condition, the amount of fat and sagging in the thighs, the size of the desired tightening strength and the hospital in which the operation will take place.

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