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Rhinoplasty surgeries

Only a few millimetres in the form of the nose, makes a big difference.
The fact that the nose is in the middle of the face makes it very influential in the shape and overall appearance.
Rhinoplasty... The most famous plastic surgery now, although it is simple surgery,. yet very accurate, as the skeleton and cartilage of the nose are changed and they are very small and high-precision areas. So many plastic surgeons refuse to perform rhinoplasty surgeries because of their great need for experience, skill and precision.

Tagmeel Clinique is well known for having performed many rhinoplasty surgeries and has many success stories to correct the nose defects, which is proud of it.

What is Rhinoplasty surgery?
For many reasons we will talk about, the shape of the nose becomes unsatisfactory to its owner, and of course its defects cannot be concealed or hidden. It therefore greatly affects self-confidence and the person's satisfaction.
Rhinoplasty has appeared to solve this problem, through a change in a few millimeters within the formation of the nose, the dazzling difference occurs in the shape of the outer nose.

When do we need Rhinoplasty surgeries?
The reasons for the need to rhinoplasty are limited to three main reasons:
1-Cosmetic reasons: where the outer defects in the nose are fixed in terms of length, width, height or the nose tip.
2-Functional reasons: Rhinoplasty is performed to repair a functional problem in the nose such as breathing and snoring problems.
3-Corrective causes: to repair congenital defects in the nose such as the cleft lip.

How are closed rhinoplasty surgeries performed?
Rhinoplasty is now called closed operations as a result of its evolution as it is conducted without external impact. By doing it from inside the nostrils without opening it completely. This gives the patient the advantage of speedy convalescence and the absence of any external trace of the operation.
Through the nostrils, the surgeon changes the skeletal shape and cartilage of the nose by removing or adding a muscle or bones to obtain a consistent nose that allign with the aesthetic measurements of the nose.
The procedure takes about two hours.

Skill, experience and accuracy... The passwords in the success of Rhinoplasty surgery:
Skill, experience and accuracy are the passwords for the success of rhinoplasty, as we said earlier, they include changes in very delicate areas in the nose. Safety is also one of the most important basics and standards upon which the success of plastic surgery is built. The plastic surgeon must take good care of his surgeries through:
1-Selection of the experienced and professional anesthesiologist.
2-Selection of the equipped hospital and the high quality one.
3-Working with surgical instruments of the highest level of safety and quality.

Redo-Rhinoplasty... Difficult but possible!
Rhinoplasty for the first time is the best of course, due to the presence of multiple possibilities for the surgeon in the operation. But repairing a failed nose surgery is not impossible, it may be harder than the first time, but a competent surgeon can do it skillfully to get the patient a satisfactory result.
It is recommended that you do not miss the first time to beautify your nose, and wait well before choosing a competent, experienced and skilled surgeon to perform these operations.

6 Benefits of Rhinoplasty:
Rhinoplasty is not only to change or fix the exterior, but it includes many other features such as:
1-Repairing deformities and congenital defects such as the cleft lip.
2-Repair of broken nose or after accident or boxing errors.
3-Treatment of nasal tumours.
4-Treatment of chronic sinusitis.
5-Treating the problem of snoring that causes a great distress and tension to the patient.
6-Treatment of respiratory problems, the most important of which is the problem of night apnea.

What is after rhinoplasty surgery?
1-No need to stay in the hospital, the patient can leave the hospital after a few hours of the operation.
2-A stent will be placed on the nose for a week after the operation to reduce swelling and adapt the nose to the new shape.
3-It is preferable to make a nose massage in the early periods.
4-Some swelling, bruising and slight bleeding from the nose may occur in the first days after the operation and are normal and controllable symptoms.
5-The result appears immediately after the operation, but it is more pronounced and shown after the swelling is over in a month at most.

What type of anesthesia is used in Rhinoplasty?
The anesthesia used in rhinoplasty is the General anesthesia as the nose approaches the respiratory tract, also due to the accuracy of work in this type of operation.

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty surgery?
The cost of rhinoplasty surgeries varies depending on the condition and the procedures that will be needed in the surgery, as well as the hospital where the operation will take place.

Contraindications for Rhinoplasty Surgery:
Rhinoplasty is not suitable for these cases:
1-Those who suffer from chronic nasal infections.
2-Those suffering from chronic disease that causes bleeding.
3-Who are under 18 years old due to incomplete growth of skeletal and nasal cartilage.

* The functional aspect of the nose is very important in rhinoplasty procedures as it must be considered well during the process. The exterior is not all about rhinoplasty, but both aspects.

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