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Neck lift

The beauty of the neck is a sign of attractivity and femininity. Since ancient times, the long svelte neck is a feature of the beauty and attractivity of women.
Women always look and dream to have the beauty signs and seek for them. The neck sagging and the appearance of wrinkles spoil this beauty and make the woman strives to get rid of this problem.
Neck lift to get rid of sagging and wrinkles provides treatment for this problem on a plate of gold, as within an hour, The lady gets rid of the sagging of the neck and get a tight and beautiful neck.

What is the Neck lift surgery?
It is a surgical procedure to get rid of sagging, excess skin of the neck and excess fat then lift the neck to get the best shape and texture.
Neck Lift surgery also handles the problem of a double-chin neck.

What is a Double-chin Neck?
It is a problem that occurs in the neck especially for the ladies due to accumulation of fat in the neck area and doubling its size until it reaches the alignment of the chin area. Which gives an unattractive look to the face.

What are the causes of neck sagging?
Many factors may cause neck sagging, including:
1-Hereditary causes.
2-Eating a lot of ready made meals, fatty food and lack of eating vegetables, fruit and healthy food.
3-Lack of exercise.
4-Aging, which causes the accumulation of fat in the neck area and the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

Are there any non-surgical Neck Lift techniques?
Yes, fortunately, in the cosmetic world, there have been many non-surgical techniques for neck lift such as neck lift by J-plasma, neck lift by surgical threads, and other non-surgical methods. However, these methods are not suitable for all cases of neck sagging, but are suitable for the treatment of simple and medium sagging degrees of the neck sagging.
Severe sagging and fat accumulation, as in the case of double chin, There is no substitute for surgery to treat.

How to prepare for Neck Lift operations?
1-You must meet the plastic surgeon to discuss the expected result and how the surgery will be performed.
2-You should discuss the doctor and inform him about the medications you are dealing with (if found), so as to coordinate and tell you the timing of their discontinuation.
3-You should stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation to avoid the harmful effect of smoking on wound healing.

How is Neck Lift surgery done?
1-The operation is done under the influence of general anesthesia.
2-Small incisions are made behind the ear or under the chin in hidden areas to avoid leaving any apparant scars of the incision.
3-The muscles of the neck are lifted, the excess skin and some excess tissues are removed. The skin is then lifted after removing the sagging parts.
4-The surgical incision is sutured cosmetically.
5-The procedure lasts 2-3 hours.
6-Neck lift may require neck liposuction, especially in the case of double chin.

What do I expect after a Neck Lift?
-The recovery period lasts about two weeks, but you can return to your daily tasks during them.
-Some bruising or swelling may appear during the recovery period, which are normal symptoms, that subside by time.
-Tagmeel clinic advises you to adhere to the medications prescribed by the doctor after the operation such as painkillers, which you may need in the first days only after the surgery to avoid pain.
-Avoid exposure to direct sunlight especially in the first days after the operation.
-It is preferable to wear loose clothes for the first two weeks after the operation to avoid friction with the wound.
-A flexible neck bandage for neck lift should be worn in the first 10 days after the operation.
-The final result is shown clearly after a month of operation when the wound is healed and the swelling subsides.
-Avoid tightening the neck or the intense movement of the neck in the first days after the operation.

When will I need to call the doctor after the surgery?
Tagmeel Clinic recommends contacting your doctor if any of these symptoms occur:
1-Fever or high temperature.
2-Bleeding from the neck area.
3-Discharge from the wound.
4-Severe pain that does not relieve by painkillers.

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