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Liposuction and 4D Liposculpture

What is Vaser body sculpting or 4D sculpture?
Before clarifying the concept of body contouring, we would like to clarify that there are two types of obesity, Total obesity and localised obesity.
Simply, Total obesity is an extreme obesity where the patient suffers from a very high body mass index and suffers from fatty accumulations all over the body associated with the over-weight.
In the case of localised obesity, the patient does not suffer from an increase in the body mass index, but suffers from clusters and accumulation of fat localised in different parts of the body with a few increase in body weight.

Vaser liposculpture and liposuction is the ideal solution for those who suffer from localised obesity. This technique is performed by ultrasound waves which is used to melt solid fat into liquid, and then is pulled out of the body. To get the lady or the man a harmonious sculpted body distinguished by the athletic body of the man and the feminine curves of the lady.

Can liposuction and body liposculpture fit in cases of total obesity?
Unfortunately NO, Bariatric surgeries is the best solution for these cases, which come with satisfactory results, and may be followed by a cosmetic procedure for body contouring. This is because body contouring is not suitable for weight loss but for a harmonic body free of fatty clusters.

What is the difference between traditional liposuction and Vaser liposuction?
Traditional liposuction still exists and is suitable for many cases, but vaser liposuction and body contouring is the most advanced and is considered a breakthrough in plastic surgery, As it is not just a liposuction procedure and getting rid of the fat accumulations in the body, but extends to the coordination of textures and highlighting the aesthetic contours of the body in terms of drawing the Muscles in the man and giving him the shape of the athletic body. Also highlighting the feminine curves that are attractive to the lady.

Does body fat accumulation cause pathological problems, requiring cosmetic intervention?
The answer is yes, because fat accumulation in certain places in the body is not only a problem in the general appearance and choice of clothes, but these fatty clusters cause many diseases, most importantly bone and joint pain, breathing problems especially nocturnal breathing disorders, difficulty in sleep and easy tiredness.

Who is the ideal candidate for Vaser liposuction and body contouring?
There is no specific age for this procedure, but it is valid for many cases who:
1-Suffers from fatty accumulation in many places of the body such as the abdomen and the hips in men, abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs in the ladies.
2-Do not suffer from severe obesity or severe weight gain.
3-The diet regimens and exercises systems have not worked with them, as these fatty accumulations have shown resistance to them.
4-Ready to follow a healthy diet to maintain the outcome of the procedure as it does not protect against future weight gain.
5-Suffers from the inconsistency of the body where the upper part is inconsistent with the lower part or vice versa.

How does Vaser liposuction work?
The human body consists of 3 layers superficially:
-Outer skin layer.
-Followed by fatty layer.
-Then the deeper muscle layer.
The Vaser works on the middle layer where ultrasound breaks the fat in this layer and converts it from solid state to liquid to make it easier to be pulled out of the body.

What is the four-dimensional body sculpture (4D)?
It is named 4D Liposculpture technology as the technology considers 4 dimensions in its work which are the length, width, depth and the most important dimension which is the kinetic or dynamic dimension of the muscles.
This technique is characterised by a high-resolution body and muscle drawing not only in the state of sleep, but also in the dynamic state. It gives the body a special beauty and highlights its curves in times of rest and motion.

How is Vaser liposuction and body contouring performed?
This technique takes place in a few steps:
1-The step of surgical openings not exceeding 5 ml, through which saline solution is injected to explore the fatty area plus some pain killers and vasoconstrictors to reduce the blood loss.
2-A thin tube is inserted, thorough which the ultrasound waves are delivered into the fatty area to target it without any harm to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels.
During this step, solid fatty substances are converted into liquid.
3-The fat that has been broken and which has become in a liquid form is taken through a flexible high cannules.
4-Then comes the step of sculpting the body by contouring the main curves of the body and highlighting them in the static and motion mode.
5-Closure of surgical openings cosmetically.
The procedure takes about an hour and a half. It can be done under the influence of general or local anesthesia depending on the condition.

5 Advantages of Vaser Liposuction in Tagmeel clinic:
1-High degree of safety as the ultrasound targets only the fatty cells without any harm to the surrounding tissues, blood vessels and the nerves.
2-In Tagmeel clinic, modern and high-precision body tightening devices are used after the procedure to avoid the occurrence of sagging.
3-In only one session, about an hour and a half, the body's accumulated fat is eliminated.
4-Lack of blood loss.
5-The speed and short recovery period.

What are the areas that can be liposucked by Vaser?
These areas are: The legs, abdomen, hips, neck, double chin, around the knees, arms, chest, back, thighs and buttocks.

Tagmeel Clinic Recommendations after Vaser liposuction:
1-It is necessary to commit to the prescribed medications such as analgesics.
2-The corset must be worn for at least one month after the operation to protect the body from swelling and maintain the outcome of the operation.
3-It is preferable not to do strenuous work or a violent sport after the procedure.
4-The final result is shown within one month of the procedure after the disappearance of the swelling.
5-The weight must be kept stable after the procedure to maintain its result.

Vaser Liposuction and body contouring... Is it a safe technique?
Of course, it is a technology that is secure and globally certified, provided that you choose the right surgeon to perform this technique. In Tagmeel clinic, we have the honour to introduce to you, the most professional plastic surgeons who follow the international safety standards in plastic surgeries to offer you the best results with the highest safety ratio and the least probability for occurrence of complications.

What are the safe limits of liposuction?
For safe liposuction without complications, the safe limits of liposuction are 10 litres at a time to avoid any complications due to lack of blood fluids.

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