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Have you ever seen a photo of a bald man before he got bald?
In fact, the difference is vast. The difference between a before and after photo may actually be a few years old, but in appearance, it is another age. Baldness gives the man an older look for many years.
Therefore, hair transplant techniques have emerged since the 19th century and are still in continuous development so that men avoid this distress and lack of self-confidence as a result of baldness, especially early baldness.

Are there any reasons for the baldness?
1-Hereditary causes are the main cause of the appearance of baldness in men.
2-Intake of certain medications.
3-Anxiety and tension.
4-Malnutrition and anaemia.
5-High male hormone percentage.
6-Fungal infection or bacteria.
7-Previous surgery.

Consulting your surgeon before the procedure... Important step in hair transplantation:
Consulting a plastic surgeon before performing hair transplantation is a very important step in hair transplantation procedures. The patient is discussed in the expected results and if the procedure is valid for him or not.
The doctor's decision depends on several criteria such as:
1-Size and area of baldness in the head.
2-Type of baldness if it is hereditary or not.
3-The density of the donor area and if it is sufficient for the procedure.
4-The general health condition of the patient as the presence of some organic diseases such as diabetes which may affect the healing of wounds.

3 reasons prevent you from being the ideal candidate for hair transplantation:
1-Suffering from an organic or fungal disease in the scalp.
2-Subjection to chemotherapy or radiotherapy because this treatment causes the hair to fall again.
3-A person who is smoker or does not intend to quit smoking because of the harmful effect of smoking on wound healing.

Tagmeel Clinic and Hair Transplant:
Fortunately, the procedure of hair transplantation in Egypt comes with great results and is one of the best countries in the Arab world in hair transplant surgeries.
Tagmeel Clinic is well known for hair transplantation with various techniques and has an impressive balance of success stories for patients who chose it to perform hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is not only for men:
Hair transplantation is not limited to men, as many women suffer from severe hair loss due to many hormonal factors and changes in the woman's scalp, including pregnancy and childbirth. One of the most common hair fall areas in women is the front area, where the head line is retreating backwards, leaving a non-attractive appearance for women.
However, hair transplantation is more suitable for men as they suffer from hair loss from a specific area of the scalp, which is the bald area, which facilitates hair transplantation as it is identified. Women suffer from hair loss from scattered areas of the scalp, which makes it difficult to perform hair transplantation.

Two natural hair transplantation techniques:
Cosmetic medicine offers two different techniques for hair transplantation. The difference is, the way hair follicles are collected and transported. The donor region is very important in the procedure of transplantation and in choosing the right technology.
Both techniques aim to compensate baldness and hair loss with natural hair from the donor area weither from the back of the head or its sides.

1-Follicular Unit Transfer-FUT-Technique:
It is the oldest technology in the cosmetic world where a slice of natural hair is obtained from the back of the head (donor area), then the wound is closed cosmetically. Then dividing them into follicles, preparing them and equipping them for transport.
The last step is to move the follicles that are prepared into the channels that are equipped in the bald area to receive the hair follicles.

2-Follicular Unit Extraction-FUE-Technique:
It is the latest and most common technique where many hair follicles are collected at the same time and transplanted.

How does Follicular Unit Extraction-FUE-Technique done?
1-The donor area is thoroughly sterilised and anesthesized locally.
2-The surgeon collects the follicles that will be transplanted from the donor area either from the back of the head or sides.
3-The receiving area is prepared for the transplantation of the hair follicles, which is the longest stage and lasts about 5 hours.
4-The last step is to transfer the hair follicles to the receiving area using certain tools.
5-A bandage is placed on the head which is removed after a few days.
The procedure takes about 8 hours due to its accuracy and many steps.

Normal symptoms after hair transplantation:
You need to know everything about the hair transplant procedure before you start it. One of the most important details that you need to know is the recovery or post-transplant phase, where you can see some symptoms that may bother you if you do not know before, that they are normal symptoms.
These symptoms are:
-Some swelling in the place of transplantation.
-A slight change in skin colour in the transplanted area.
-The appearance of crusts in the transplanted area.
-Some slight pain that disappears with mild painkillers.
-A feeling of tension and discomfort in the place of the donor area, from which the hair follicles were taken.
All these symptoms are normal and subside in a few days. The patient can return to perform his daily duties within a few days as the recovery period from the procedure of hair transplantation is a short period.
* Hair starts to grow and pass through its natural cycle where it can be cutted after 3 months.
* Hair cut or tightening must be avoided in the period after the procedure in order to preserve the result of hair transplantation.

Cost of hair Transplant:
The cost of hair transplantation varies depending on the area of baldness, the techniques used and the hospital in which the procedure will be performed.
Tagmeel clinic is characterised by a hair transplant with the latest international technology that does not leave a scar on the scalp.

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