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Breast reduction

-"What is more than the limit, turns against it"..A popular quote, but it is real and its reality is not only in normal life but also in the cosmetic world.

Breasts are the mark of your beauty and your attractiveness if it is the right size, having natural look and consistent with your body. If it is enlarged or if you are suffering from its over-growth, then there is a big problem.

Not only an aesthetic or psychological problem, but also a physical problem. The large breast is a burden and a heavy weight on the body, especially on the neck, shoulders and back, causing severe pain.

Although breast enlargement surgeries are widespread, breast reduction operations are also prevalent in the cosmetic world and constitute a radical and striking solution to the problem of breast size.

Do I fit to the breast reduction surgery?
You are suitable for breast reduction if you are experiencing one of these problems:

1-Suffering from the large size of the breast and its inconsistency with the rest of the body.
2-Severe pain in the neck, shoulders and back due to the weight of the breast on the body.
3-The difficulty of personal hygiene and the occurrence of skin problems due to large size of the breast.
4-Difficulty in choosing suitable clothing.
5-After breast Augmentation operations, if the appropriate silicone size is not chosen (due to the lack of proper and efficient surgeon selection), it can be repaired by breast reduction. It treats the shape and size of the unsatisfactory breast.
6-Psychological pain due to ridicule and inappropriate comments you may experience. And your need for a beautiful breast shape is consistent with the body.
7-If the size of the breast is causing pain and difficulty breathing.

What are the types of breast reduction processes?
There are many types of breast reduction processes, the most suitable is chosen depending on the condition, breast size, amount of breast tissue, breast sagging and body shape.

1-Liposuction by a very small surgical openings and this procedure cannot lift the breast.
2-Breast reduction and lifting by disposing of some breast tissue and tightening the skin to lift the breast.
3-Breast reduction operations together with the lifting and change of the place of the breast nipple.

Before the breast reduction process:
1-Stop Smoking If you are a smoker, two weeks before the operation for harmful smoking effect on wound healing.
2-Do the medical tests required to check your public health.
3-Prepare the prescribed creams from the doctor for use in the first period after the operation.
4-Buy medical bras for breast surgeries that will be prescribed by your doctor.
5-Your doctor will advise you to stop any medications that cause change in blood viscosity such as aspirin (if you are taking them).

What happens in breast reduction surgery?
1-The patient is subjected to General Anesthesia.
2-The surgeon will make a small incision around the brown aura (or elsewhere depending on the case).
3-Some breast tissue, fat and skin are removed from oversized breasts.
4-The surgeon will close the wound cosmetically.
5-The patient stays in the hospital for only a few hours and sometimes you need to stay for one day.
6-The operation takes 2-5 hours depending on the case.

8 Tips from Tagmeel clinic after breast reduction:
1-Custom bras must be worn after the operation.
2-Comfort at home is needed in the first two weeks after the operation.
3-You may notice some swelling and pain in the breasts in the first days after the surgery. This is normal, so we have to be committed to painkillers intake.
4-Avoid carrying heavy objects and sleeping on the abdomen in the first days after the operation.
5-Avoid sports for a month after the operation.
6-Clean the wound  well until healing.
7-Visit the doctor on time.
8-Do not forget to apply the creams prescribed by the doctor after the operation.

Contact your doctor in these cases:
1-Abnormal discharge from the nipple.
2-Fever or high temperature rise.
3-The dissolution of surgical stitches before its date.

Is there an appropriate age for breast reduction?
Yes, plastic surgeons prefer breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift to be done after the age of 18 years. To ensure complete breast growth.

Breast reduction process... Does it cause breast cancer or prevent it?
Scientific studies have shown that breast reduction processes reduce the likelihood of breast cancer by 50-70%, especially in cases where there is a history of the disease in the family.
In these cases, breast reduction surgeries are a preventive measure to reduce the likelihood of breast cancer.
When can I return to my daily duties?
The recovery period after breast reduction is a short period because of the small size of surgical incisions done by our professional surgeons in Tagmeel Clinic. A very slight post-operation pain that can be controlled by painkillers.

So you can return to your life and your daily tasks after a week at the most.

Breast Reduction and breastfeeding:
Scientific research, the medical and professional experience of Tagmeel clinic have proven that breast reduction processes do not affect breastfeeding or the production of milk.

Cost of breast reduction operations:
The cost of breast reduction operations varies depending on the condition, the size of the breast, the desired size and the hospital in which the surgery will take place.

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