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Breast lift

One of the Woman's beauty secrets is her breast area. She cares about them and always dreams of having a harmonious and attractive breasts.
Sometimes this beauty is corrupted by some factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, Aging or sharp weight loss. These factors cause the sagging of the breast, the fall of the nipple area and the dark aura down, which greatly affects the shape of the body, the woman’s self confidence and her beauty as well.
For these reasons, breast lift surgery has been created. Where I found the solution and treatment for the problem of breast sagging.

What will you get after a breast lift?
-You will get lifted breasts, circular and with svelte texture.
-You will get a minimisation of the brown aura area around the nipple.
-The place and shape of the nipple can be modified in the procedure.
-The annoying breasts will disappear and you will look more beautiful.

Know this information before choosing a breast lift:
-The plastic surgeon must discuss with you before the procedure, about the expected shape of the breasts and if it satisfies your expectations.
-The operation lasts from one and half to 3 hours depending on the case.
-The operation treats the problem of sagging and drooping breasts and solves the problem of the unattractive flat breast.
-The procedure does not affect pregnancy and breastfeeding as it does not affect the structure of the breast and the glands in it.
-The final result of the operation appears at least after a month, so do not rush the result.
-After the breast lift, some of the swelling and puffiness may appear in the breast and slight pain. They are normal symptoms that resolve with time and you can control pain with mild painkillers.
-Breast lift surgery can be performed with breast augmentation in the same surgery (if needed) to achieve optimum results.

When do you need to postpone the breast lift process?
-You need to postpone it if you are planning to have children, as pregnancy and lactation affect the outcome of the process. However, there is no future damage or effect for breast lift on pregnancy and breastfeeding.
-You also need to postpone the process if you are less than 18 years old to ensure complete breast growth.

Steps before breast lift:
-Your doctor will ask you for some necessary medical tests before the surgery.
-Some surgeons prefer making mamogram for breasts.
-Stop smoking before the operation for its harmful effect on blood flow and circulation, which affects the healing of wounds.
-Avoid medications that affect blood viscosity such as aspirin.

How is breast lift performed?
1-The patient is subjected to General anesthesia or local with sedatives depending on the condition of the case.
2-The nipple is located and a very small surgical incision is made around the nipple.
3-The surgeon removes the excess skin and tissues of the breast and also lift  the breasts.
4-Then he closes the wound cosmetically.
5-Silicone fillings can be placed during the process to enlarge the breast, and can also be reduced in the same process.

5 Tips after breast lift:
1-Rest is preferred after the operation, especially in the early days.
2-Do not be bothered by any swelling, bruising, pain or discomfort in the breast area after the operation. They are normal symptoms in the first days after the operation and will be resolved by time.
3-You should commit to the prescribed painkillers and creams as instructed by the doctor.
4-You should wear special medical bras for breast surgeries as instructed by the doctor.
5-Avoid sleeping on the abdomen in the early days and pressing the breast area.
6-Avoid sexual intercourse for a temporary period... Just a few days after the operation.

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