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Breast Augmentation

The breast is the female treasure and it is her feminine symbol and sign. And it is not too much to say that any problem in the appearance of breasts in women affects a lot their psychology and even more, they may suffer from non-causative nervousness and stress for long periods, and the hidden cause is breast problems!
The atrophy of the breast and the lack its prominence and feminine attractivity especially in the prime of the woman life, may cause lack of self-confidence and a lot of embarrassment especially when the age of marriage is approaching.

Fortunately, Plastic surgeries in Egypt have become one of the most successful and widespread operations in the entire Arab world. There is no need now for those who dream of an ideal body to travel abroad for plastic surgery. Egypt has become a pioneer in this field.
Now it is time to illustrate the perfect solution and the magical treatment of the problems of breast atrophy and its inconsistency, which is Breast Augmentation which has become one of the most prevalent surgeries in the world and not only in Egypt.
We would like to note that there is nothing shy with science and medicine as it has created the right treatment for breast problems which has had a great impact in solving many marital problems.

Are Breast Augmentation surgery a solution to my problem?
Breast Augmentation Surgery is the perfect solution and treatment for your problem in these cases:
1-Atrophy of the breast and its small size, which greatly affects the overall appearance and shape.
2-Lack of consistency and symmetry of breasts.
3-Breast reconstruction in cases of cancer treatment or accident.
4-Repairing the shape of the breast after changing its appearance as a result of pregnancy and lactation.
5-Restore self confidence that improves with many details after breast augmentation such as easy selection of clothes.
6-Atrophy of the breast after following severe weight loss regimen.

Breast Augmentation is an easy process that requires only one day of hospitalisation and you can perform your day-to-day functions by two days at the most.

Breast Augmentation... A milestone in marital life:
There is no doubt that breast surgeries, including breast augmentation surgery, has become a brilliant solution not only to regain the woman's attractiveness and self-confidence, but to restore marital happiness and solve many disorders and marital problems.

Before breast Augmentation surgery:
As already mentioned, the treatment and solution to breast problems and atrophy, is only with plastic surgeon and not in any other places. He is the expert in plastic surgery and he who has the appropriate tools to help you reach to the attractive natural appearance.
All you have to do is to book your appointment with a trusted plastic surgeon who has many impressive success stories that perform plastic surgeries in a reputable, medically and professionally trusted center.

-Before breast augmentation, you're going in consultation with your doctor about the most suitable solutions for breast augmentation and the appropriate size for your condition depending on the size of the rib cage and the general shape. He will request some medical analysis to check your general health before the operation.
-Plastic surgeons prefer to make a mammogram before and after the procedure.
-Also the doctor will advise you to stop smoking a few days before the operation due to the harmful effect of smoking on hospitalisation after the operation.

Choosing the right size for silicon is the most important steps of the process:
As we approach the natural form, this is a success, and this shows the experience of the surgeon, his art and his intelligence in reaching the natural form of the breasts.
The doctor relies on certain measurements, the size of the rib cage, the the woman's dreams, the amount of the skin in the breast area and the doctor's medical and technical look for the appropriate size.
We would like to make clear that breast augmentation more than the appropriate size does not only affect the body contour of the lady and makes it unsuitable, but also harms the lady and affects her neck and back bones and vertebrae.

Silicone shapes and sizes:
Cosmetic medicine offers a lot of progress with the silicon industry, it has undergone many stages from the medium-to-large shape to the most close form of nature, which is the oblique and prominent form that gives the shape of a natural, un-artificial breast.
There are many sizes and shapes to suit all the needs of women according to their condition, shape of their body and the shape you dream of.

Wound areas in Breast Augmentation operations:
Breast surgeries, including breast augmentation, are a personal secret for women who love to keep it for themselves without knowing any person this secret. Plastic surgeons estimate this, so there are 3 probabilities of the wound in breast augmentation according to the case:
1-Around the nipple of the breast.
3-Under the folds of the breasts and it is the most preferred place for plastic surgeons to be in a place completely invisible and a very small wound is done not more than 3 cm that is easy to heal in a short time.

How is Breast Augmentation performed?
-The operation takes place under total anesthesia. Some cases can be performed in local anesthesia.
-The process lasts about 90 minutes, the woman may need to stay one day at the hospital, and in most cases, she does not need.
-The operation is done through a very small surgical incision in one of the places mentioned above, then the appropriate silicon filling is placed and the wound is closed cosmetically.

Precautions required after Breast Augmentation:
-You have to rest a few days after the operation and do not carry heavy things.
-The surgeon will prescribe a medical bra, which is worn after the operation to maintain the new breast shape.
-Avoid sleeping on your belly in the early days of the operation.
-It is preferable to avoid sexual intercourse in the early days only after the operation.

Myths about Breast Augmentation:
Lately, many myths have spread about the possibility of breast augmentation with many popular recipes and exotic methods such as some creams, spray and devices. Cosmetic medicine and many cosmetic experts have denied the possibility of breast augmentation by these ways altogether. Breast Augmentation is the only safe way to enlarge your breast.

What is the appropriate age for Breast Augmentation surgery?
Plastic surgeons prefer to make breast augmentation over the age of 18 years to ensure the maturity of the breast and its complete growth.

Breast enlargement and breast cancer:
Also one of the most common questions is: Does Breast Augmentation causes cancer?
For the answer we would like to inform you that the Global Medical Protocol and global recommendations in the case of the discovery of a breast tumor by a lady and her need for mastectomy, is rebuilt it with silicone fillings. The medical world has agreed on the safety of silicone fillings so that it is used for those who have high susceptibility and likelihood of breast cancer! Which means it never causes the disease, it is completely safe. Just choose your doctor and the Aesthetic center in which you're performing the procedure, very carefully.

The most prevalent question... Does Breast Augmentation affect breastfeeding?
Cosmetic experts answer that there is no correlation between breast enlargement and breastfeeding, it does not affect them completely as the silicone fillings are placed behind the breast gland and the chest muscle and therefore not completely affected by the production of milk.

Does breast augmentation affect the result of a mammogram when it is performed after the surgery?
The result of mammogram is not affected by breast augmentation. Many plastic surgeons prefer to make it before and after surgery.

Is the sensation of breast and nipple affected after the surgery?
As mentioned earlier, silicone fillings are placed behind the breast gland and behind the breast-related nerves that are responsible for the sensation, so the sensation is perfectly normal and the modern silicone fillings that we use in the Tagmeel Clinic, are flexible and close to the shape and the natural composition completely.

Does the air pressure affect the silicone filling if you travelled by aeroplane after breast augmentation?
The silicone filling, despite its strong elasticity, is very rigid and cohesive and is never affected by any pressure, whatever its strength.

Tagmeel Clinic and Breast Augmentation:
Breast Augmentation is one of the most common surgeries in Tagmeel clinic, which is characterised by the latest global technology and using the finest types of fillings that is authorised by FDA (Food and drug Administration), to ensure not only the best form, but also a safer procedure.

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