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"Because first impressions last" the first impression you take from the one who speaks with you, you get it through his eyes. The eye is the gate to the person.
Therefore, any change in the look of the eye or its surrounding eyelids greatly affects the overall shape.
The sagging of the eyelid area and its drooping eye gives the features of fatigue and sadness on the person. Also gives a much older look than the real age.
Here comes the importance of plastic surgery and its intervention brilliantly to solve any cosmetic problem that worries the lady and cause her distress.

What are the causes of Eyelid sagging?
1-Aging and weakness of the muscles of the eye.
2-Lack of sleep.
3-Hereditary causes.
4-Frequent exposure to sunlight.
5-Gravity and its ability to pull the eyelids down over the years.

What is Blepharoblasty surgery?
The Blepharoblasty surgery aims to eliminate the accumulated fat around the eye, excess skin and unwanted tissues. Then eyelid lift to give a bright eye look.

Is Eyelid lift surgery only to solve a cosmetic problem?
The answer is No, the sagging of the eyelids on the eye not only causes a cosmetic problem, but also obscures the vision of the eye which in turn prevents the eye from opening properly. This greatly affects the sharpness of vision, which is very dangerous.

Who is the ideal candidate for Blepharoblasty?
1-Patient does not suffer from infection, chronic inflammation or eye disease that affects the procedure.
2-Patient suffering from the sagging of the upper or lower eyelids.
3-Patient suffering from puffiness, swelling, wrinkles and lines around the eye.
4-Non-smoker or intending to quit smoking.

What is the anesthesia used in the Eyelid lift process? And why?
The anesthesia used in the eyelid lift is local anesthesia for ease of procedure, and the need of the surgeon for a conscious patient to respond to his signals of movement. Also for another reason: to avoid scratching or rubbing the patient to the eye and eyelids while he is unconscious, which may harm the outcome of the operation.

What are the types of Eyelid lift operations?
1-Upper eyelid lift.
2-Lower eyelid lift.
3-BOTH eyelids lift together.

How is the Eyelid lift surgery performed?
1-The step of the patient's submission to the local anesthesia.
2-The surgeon will make a small incision on the side of the eyelashes.
3-The surgeon removes excess skin, accumulated fat and excess tissues from the eyelids and then lift them.
4-Finally close the wound cosmetically to get the patient a look appealing to her eyes.
5-The procedure lasts about two hours and the convalescence period lasts for two weeks, during which the patient can return to perform her daily tasks.

What do I expect after an Eyelid lift?
1-Some swelling and redness may appear in the first days after the procedure and are normal symptoms.
2-Tagmeel clinic recommends applying some cold compresses on the eye to reduce swelling and pain.
3-The medications prescribed after the operation must be committed to, such as antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatory.
4-The doctor will prescribe some of the eye drops to protect the eye from dehydration.
5-Avoid direct exposure to the sun rays especially the first two weeks after the procedure.
6-Avoid putting makeup in the first two weeks after the procedure.
7-Avoid rubbing the eye and practicing sports for two months after the operation.
8-Make sure to wear wide clothes on the day of the procedure to avoid eye contact.

What are the possible complications of Eyelid lift surgery?
1-The problem of scars appearance as a result of the lack of surgeon skill in closing the wound cosmetically.
2-Disruption in the performance of the eyelid and not opening and closing it normally due to the lack of surgeon  experience in the eyelids lift.
3-Dryness of the eye and its inflammation due to failure to comply with the drops prescribed.