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Arm lift surgery

Arms...Are from the very difficult areas to conceal their defects. The abdomen, legs and other parts of the body, We can mask their problems.
As for the arms, where will you hide their sagging? Inevitable to appear.
But wait, the scene is not that dark, when plastic surgery is a solution to every cosmetic problem.
The Arm Lift is one of the most important plastic surgeries, despite its simplicity and short time, but it solves a problem that causes great distress and tension for many women.

What is the Arm Lift surgery?
The aim of the arm lift surgery is to get rid of the sagging of the arms by removing fat, tissue and excess skin from the arms causing the problem. After the surgery, the patient enjoys arms that are tight and consistent with the rest of the body.

What are the causes of Arm sagging?
The two arms are one of the most prone places to accumulate fat, as fat builds up causing the appearance of sagging because of these factors:
2-Hereditary causes.
3-Sharp weight loss after following severe diet regimen.
4-After the bariatric surgeries due to the sharp weight loss also.
5-Lack of exercise.
6-After liposuction, especially after liposuction of large amounts of fat.

* The sagging of the arms greatly affects the general form causing distress to the patient and affects the self-confidence as well as many other life details, the most important is the difficulty of choosing clothes.

Types of ARM lift operations:
There is more than one arm lift technique, the appropriate one is selected depending on the amount of fat, the amount of tissue, the amount of sagging skin and the desired tightening.
Some cases require liposuction and others do not need.
The wound place in the procedure also varies depending on the case, but in most cases, it is done under-arms or below the arm in hidden places to avoid its appearance.

* The intelligence of the surgeon and his skill appear in choosing the appropriate procedure to lift the arms. Tagmeel Clinic is honoured with a selection of the most skilled plastic surgeons who are able to give you a dazzling result and the least possible wound. This is the difficult equation in plastic surgery: getting the best result with the least possible wound.

Can Exercises and strengthening muscles be effective to lift the arms?
Unfortunately, Exercises are not suitable for tightening all types of arms sagging, As there are many levels of sagging arms.
Exercises are only suitable for simple grades of sagging. There are severe and advanced levels of sagging of the arms that cannot be filled with muscles, otherwise the appearance will be completely unacceptable.

The sagging of the arms is not for the elderly only:
It is noticeable nowadays that some cases of sagging of the arms in young people also appear, not only in the elderly. As we mentioned earlier as a result of the sharp weight loss, lack of practising sports or for hereditary reasons.

What are the preparatory procedures before the Arms Lift surgery?
-There must be some medical tests required to check the general health of the patient such as the complete blood picture and Electrocardiography.
-It is necessary to stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation for its harmful effect on wound healing.
-It is necessary to stop medications that affect blood viscosity such as aspirin.

How is the Arms lift done?
1-The patient is subjected to the general or local anesthesia depending on the condition.
2-The incision is done in a hidden area under the arm and varies in size and area depending on the shape of the arm, the amount of sagging and the size of the desired tightening.
3-Tissue, fat and excess skin are removed with a tightening of the arm's skin.
4-The wound is closed cosmetically.
5-Bandages are put on the arms for a few days.
6-The procedure lasts about two hours, after which the patient enjoys a consistent and tight arm.

Instructions after the Arms Lift surgery:
1-There is no need to stay in the hospital for a long time, only a few hours and then the patient leaves the hospital.
2-Patient should put a compression bandage on the arms for 6 weeks after removing the drain.
3-The prescribed antibiotics and scar removal creams must be adhered to.
4-The result appears immediately after the operation, but the final result appears and is shown clearly after the disappearance of the swelling within a month at most.
5-Mild painkillers can be taken when feeling pain.
6-Some bruises may appear in the arms and this is normal symptom.
7-It is necessary to avoid the violent effort and swimming until the wounds heal, for at least a month.
We note that following the instructions after the arms lift surgery is one of the secrets of its success.

Possible complications after Arms Lift:
Like any other surgery, there are some possible complications after the arm lift surgery such as:
-An infection.
-Fever or high temperature.
-The delayed healing of the scar.
Of course, the experience of the surgeon and the patient's commitment to the instructions greatly reduce the likelihood of these complications.

When can I go back to practising my normal life?
You can go back to your normal life after a week of operation regarding avoiding the hard work, keeping the wound clean and following the doctor's instructions.

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