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Rumors about Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation between rumors and facts:

Many women dream of a perfect breast size, and consider it an essential part of their femininity and reflection of their beauty in people's eyes. So many are searching online for ways to enlarge the breast and many girls fall into the trap of rumors and marketing lies for products that do not affect breast size completely in order to make money without real benefit.

Here are the most important scientific facts about breast augmentation:

1-Breast Augmentation cannot be achieved with creams or devices.Only by fat injection or silicone fillings.
2-Breast Augmentation does not affect the nipple sensation.
3-Breast Augmentation does not affect breastfeeding at all.
4-Breast Augmentation does not affect the function and tissues of the breast because the silicone fillings are placed behind the breast glands or behind the muscles of the chest and therefore do not affect the components of the breast and tissues.
5-Breast Augmentation process authorized by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA.It does not cause any benign or cancerous tumors.
6-Breast Augmentation is a safe process and patient can return to normal life during a week at most.
7-The wound of the operation is a very small and invisible wound where it is done in the brown halo or under the breast or underarm according to the case.
8-The nipple texture does not change after the operation as the silicone fillings resembles the natural fat in the breast in texture.

9. Some may think that silicone fillings used in breast augmentation should change every 10 years; A woman who has undergone breast augmentation can remove fillings if desired or if complications occur due to these fillings, which may occur if the operation is performed by an inexperienced plastic surgeon.

10. Breast augmentation is also believed to be the same as breast lift ;it is another misinformation, and breast augmentation can be guessed from its name that increases the size of the breasts using silicone or other fillings. Breast lift reduces sagging on the breasts by getting rid of excess tissue and skin while adjusting the position of the breast in the chest area to become more attractive. It should be noted that the woman can undergo both operations if desired or her condition is required.

11. Silicone fillings used in breast augmentation are believed to be observed in the form of an outer breast after the operation; it is a misconception.

12. Another rumor about breast augmentation is that the patient needs a long recovery period to recover from the severity of the pain after the procedure, which is incorrect information, as the pain caused by the procedure and surgical openings is a potential pain that can be overcome with the usual analgesics.

13. Another incorrect information is that any plastic surgeon can perform a successful breast augmentation, which is not true as breast augmentation procedures require a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, breast augmentation operations such as artwork, which will require an empowered surgeon with an artistic touch that increases the woman's femininity.

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