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3 ways to treat the thinnest face!

3 ways to treat the thinnest face

Many women suffer from the thinnest face, which in turn affects the overall appearance and self-confidence.

This atrophy comes as a result of a number of reasons,the most important of which is fatigue, a sudden weight loss, after bariatric surgeries due to ignoring the post-bariatric instructions or the result of some organic diseases.

Tagmeel Clinic advises discussing your doctor in some of the choices that we will list now for the treatment of slimming and facial atrophy:

1-Fillers or filler injection : These are filling materials that are packaged in ready-made specialised syringes. Then they are injected under the skin into the face to fill the facial spaces and improve its appearance. To learn more about the Filler, click here

2-Fat injection: It is a safe procedure where fat is transported from the same body from other areas that suffer from fullness to the areas to be filled and improve its appearance. To learn more about fat injections, click here

3-Plasma: Is one of the latest methods in the world. The platelet-rich plasma is collected from the same patient and injected into other places that need to be rejuvenated. This plasma contains many vital substances and growth factors that help cell regeneration and growth. To learn more about plasma, click here

We recommend that you discuss your physician in these choices to choose the most suitable for your skin condition.

Six other tips to avoid slim face after treatment:

1- Drink 8 glasses of water daily:

Drinking water in large quantities with natural juices also contributes significantly to maintaining skin freshness and health.

2- Enough hours of sleep:

Rest is key to avoid the thin face, where sleep should not be less than 8 hours a day because staying up awake is very harmful to the skin.

3- Eating vegetables and fruits:

Enough vegetables and fruits provide the skin with nutrients that keep the skin fresh, because they contain antioxidants and vitamins.

4- Exercise:

Walking for half an hour a day helps stimulate blood circulation in the body in general, helping to improve body and skin functions as well.

5- Avoid treatment through cortisone or any other medications:

Cortisone has many damage to the body and is used only as a doctor's prescription for other diseases.

6- Add olive oil in the salad dish:

A large spoonful of olive oil daily to a salad dish or other foods, contributes to extending the skin with important nutrients that help improve the appearance of the skin.

Are the reasons for thin-faced men different from women?

Of course not, men may also resort to the methods of treatment of thinness of the face mentioned earlier, and we also add facial yoga exercises to increase the size of the facial muscles, but this method needs sufficient studies to confirm that it helps to fill the face.

Is a thin face a genetic factor?

Yes, the genetic factor has a major role in the thin face, a person does not have the ability to control or change genetic genes but can protect himself from other factors that help increase facial thinness.

Methods for prevention thin face:

1- Wash the face gently and regularly, especially after sweating.

2- Moisturizing the face with creams suitable for the skin type daily.

3- Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

4-Refrain from using skin care products that may cause skin burn.

5- Be careful to put on sunscreen especially during the summer, and repeat it every two hours when sweating or swimming.

6- Exercise activities to maintain the body's immune system.