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3 ways to treat the thinnest face!

Many women suffer from the thinnest and atrophied face, which in turn affects the overall appearance of the face.
This atrophy comes as a result of a number of causes such as fatigue, a sharp weight loss, after bariatric surgeries due to ignoring the post-bariatric instructions or the result of some organic diseases.

Tagmeel Clinic recommends discussing your doctor in some of the choices that we will now enumerate to treat the thinnest and atrophied face:
1-Fillers: These are filling materials that are packaged in ready-made specialised syringes. Then they are injected under the skin in the face to fill the gaps in the face and improve its appearance. To learn more about the Filler, click here
2-Fat injection: It is a safe procedure where the fat is transported from the same body from other areas suffering from fullness to the areas needing to be filled to improve its appearance. To learn more about fat injections, click here
3-Plasma: Is one of the latest methods used globally. The platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) is collected from the same patient and injected into other places that need to be rejuvenated. This plasma contains many vital substances and growth factors that help to regenerate and grow cells. To learn more about plasma, click here

We recommend that you discuss your doctor in these choices to choose the most suitable for your condition and skin.