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Can We turn the time back?!
-In life: The answer is NO. But in cosmetic medicine, It is: Yes, The appearance of the lady or the man can be traced back to become as he was in the young age after many changes that happened to him.
-The ideal body is no longer just a dream but can be achieved in reality.
-Abdominal sagging is a problem that worries many, especially women, because of the physiological changes and many events such as pregnancy and childbirth, which are the main reasons for the occurrence of this problem.

So what is the Tummy Tuck surgery?
Simply, It is tightening and strengthening the abdominal muscles, removing fat and excess skin and tightening the skin in the entire abdominal area.
It is known as the process of repairing the abdominal wall and returning it to its shape before sagging.

Causes of Abdominal Sagging:
Many of the factors lead to the appearance of a prominent sagging and belly with weak muscles, which greatly affects the general shape as well as the patient psychological state. And in many other details such as the choice of clothes.
Of these reasons:
1-Frequent pregnancies and deliveries: the most important causes of abdominal sagging, where the stretching of the skin during pregnancy causes weakness of the abdominal muscles and thus the occurrence of sagging.
2-Sharp weight loss and weight fluctuations.
3-Bariatric surgeries which are often accompanied by abdominal sagging especially in cases of severe obesity, after which the patient loses a lot of kilograms.

How do abdominal sagging happen?
The abdominal area is anatomically composed of two main longitudinal bones, including abdominal tissues, these muscles are extremely important as they are the cornerstone of the abdominal area, which are carried by the bowels of the abdomen and its organs.
When the pregnancy occurs, the muscles are to be stretched to expand the abdomen, in some cases, the muscles do not return to their main position and thus the sagging and the appearance of the prominent belly are caused.
*In Tummy tuck, excess fat and excess skin are disposed of with a tightening and strengthening of the abdominal muscles and return to normal state. Thus, tightening the abdominal area and getting rid of any loose skin or sagging.

Tummy tuck... No alternative:
The magical cream, dazzling belt and other myths spread about the methods and recipes of skin tightening are ineffective for tummy tuck. Unfortunately, many believe it and resort to it in search of their dream of an ideal body.
Tagmeel Clinic advises you to stay away from these products because they are not effective at all, only to waste your effort and money.
Many scientific researches and conferences have stated that there is no alternative to tummy tuck to treat abdominal sagging. They are the best and safest choice.

3 Steps for Tummy Tuck:
1-Fragmentation of fat.
2-Skin tightening.
3-Strengthening the abdominal muscles and tightening them.

What about a Tummy Tuck wound?
The wound is done in Tummy Tuck at the bottom of the abdominal abdomen and is a very highly healing area which makes the healing period and the convalescence period very short.
This wound is also done with the folds of the skin, which makes it easy to disappear over time and becomes completely invisible.

What are the types of Tummy Tuck surgeries?
1-Minimized Tummy tuck:
In cases of sagging just below the abdominal area, it is treated by a small wound that resembles a caesarean section wound.
2-Tummy Tuck:
In cases of higher grades of sagging in the abdominal area, it is treated by a slightly larger wound than a caesarean section of the lower abdomen. Where liposuction is done first, strengthening the abdominal muscles and tightening the skin.
3-Belt lipectomy:
And this is in people who have lost a lot of weight after bariatric surgeries where abdominal sagging appears in lower back and butt. In these cases, a circular surgical tightening is made to the lower part of the body.

How is the Tummy Tuck done?
1-The patient is subjected to general anesthesia.
2-The surgeon will make a small horizontal incision below the abdomen at the pubic area.
3-The abdominal muscles are strengthened and repaired as well as removing excess skin and some excess fat and then tightening the skin.
4-Some accompanying operations can be done at the same time with Tummy Tuck such as the umbilical hernia repair surgery.
5-The navel is returned to normal position after changing its position and shape with sagging (in some cases).
6-In the end, the wound is stitched cosmetically and a drain works to get rid of blood, liquids and left for a few days only after the operation.
7-The procedure takes from 3-6 hours depending on the case.

What are the advantages of Tummy Tuck surgery?
1-Getting a perfect body through a cohesive and tight abdominal area.
2-Getting rid of abdominal sagging and drooping skin.
3-Returning the navel area to normal after losing it with sagging.
4-Repair The navel hernia if found.
5-Treatment and elimination of stretch marks that are always associated with abdominal sagging.

What do I expect after a Tummy Tuck?
1-Some swelling may occur after the operation, especially in the early days, which is normal symptom.
2-Patient should commit to painkillers prescribed in the first days after the operation due to the presence of some slight pain.
3-The drain will be removed at least four days after the operation.
4-Tagmeel Clinic will advise you to wear a special corset in the first month after the operation to stabilise the shape of the abdomen on its new position that is more attractive and beautiful.
5-Avoid severe effort and carrying heavy objects in the first month after the operation.
6-The final result of tummy tuck is shown at least one month after the operation.

No contraindications for Tummy Tuck:
Fortunately, there are no contraindications to the tummy tuck process, whether Aging or any organic disease. As long as you can control and adjust the organic disease such as sugar and hypertension, there is no contraindications to the procedure.

Can a pregnancy occur after Tummy Tuck operations?
Of course, the procedure can never affect the woman's ability to conceive and get pregnant, and abdominal tightening is an external process performed on the outer layers of the skin.

What is the right time to make a Tummy Tuck?
It is preferable to perform a tummy tuck after weight stability, especially if you are following a diet to ensure the results of the operation and avoid the return of the sagging again.
It is also preferable to perform it after pregnancy and childbirth if you plan to conceive, in order to avoid changes to the abdomen and skin and the return of muscle weakness again.

Important information about abdominal sagging and Tummy Tuck:
-Abdominal sagging may also occur for the under weight persons, not just for obese patients because it is caused by muscle weakness.
-Before the procedure, your doctor will advise you to stop smoking if you are a smoker to avoid the harmful effect of smoking on wound healing and blood flow.
-You should also avoid any medications that affect blood viscosity such as aspirin to avoid bleeding in the procedure.

What are the complications of Tummy Tuck?
Like any surgery, there is a very low probability of complications such as:
1-Occurence of infection.
3-Blood clots.
4-The appearance of scars of the wound over time, which is abnormal as it should disappear and not to leave scars over time.

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