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Fat injections

Every lady's dream is beauty that she seeks for it always. But not any beauty is what she seeks, but rather a natural, non-artificial and unpretentious beauty.
Can this beauty be achieved in the cosmetic world? Can it be real?

This is what we will talk about in this article.

What is Endogenous-fat injections?
Endogenous-fat injections is a simple and easy procedure performed with topical anesthesia. Fat is transferred from the full areas of the body to the areas that suffer from thinness and atrophy.

Why is it called "Endogenous "?
Because these fats are natural living fats that are transferred from the person to himself, and cannot be transferred to any other person, no matter the degree of kinship. Therefore, it is one of the safest aesthetic techniques because fats are transmitted from the person to herself and therefore there is no possibility of rejection by the body.

When do I need fat injections?
You need to inject fat in these cases:
1-If you are suffering from the fullness of certain areas of your body and other suffer from thinness.
2-If you prefer natural cosmetic procedures.
3-If you have experienced certain pathological conditions, that left your face and other parts of your body suffering from atrophy.
4-If you have experienced special psychological conditions or periods of grief that affect the shape and vitality of your face.
5-After severe weight loss especially after following sharp diet regimens.
6-Treatment of facial wrinkles, lines and Age markers.
7-Treatment of atrophy of hands as a result of Aging.
Fat injections are the perfect choice for you in these cases. We remind you that fat injections have become the best and most perfect Aesthetic technology in the cosmetic world.

Fat injection... And beauty:
Every lady is beautiful and she has to believe this. Only some aesthetic actions make it more glamorous and attractive.
From here comes the role of cosmetic medicine which puts these simple touches on your skin and body.
Fat injections are also called the "Golden filler" as it represents a magical solution and a safe choice to restore the vitality of your skin and its beauty as it contains some stem cells and plasma that is rich in platelets and that make an impressive difference in appearance.

What areas can be filled with fat injections?
A lot of areas in the body can be filled with fat injections. Such as: the face, buttocks, butt, hands and breasts.
The injection of fat in the face was and is still the most common for facial rejuvenation and the concealment of wrinkles and the deep areas.

What are the steps of fat injection?
1-Liposuction step: From the donor area after local anesthesia by pulling it with a thin needle from the places accumulated with fat in the body such as abdomen, hips and buttocks.
2-Purification step: Where fat cells are concentrated and added to it, some plasma rich in platelets to maintain their vitality and to keep them for a long time as possible. Fat is filled in small-sized court tubes and this step is performed under the highest safety and quality standards to maintain and keep fat cells alive until injected.
3-Fat Injection and transfer step: In the area to be filled after well sterilisation and putting the local anesthesia. Injections are done through very thin needles and after injection of a topical anesthetic in the area to be injected.

Fat injection in breast... With or Against?
There is a lot of researches and discussions about fat injections in the breasts and if this technology is safe or not. And what the plastic experts agreed to is: breast fat injections must be done in a small amount, only for small cases of thinness in this area.
If it is necessary to fill spaces and a large area of the breast, the optimal procedure is to enlarge the breast with silicone fillings and not fat injections.

Successful fat injection = Appropriate quantities + suitable place + Surgeon experience:
The success of fat injection technology appears and crystallizes in:
-Choosing the appropriate amounts of fat to be injected not more or less than the required to give a distinctive aesthetic shape.
-Choosing the desired area precisely to be injected.
-The experience of the surgeon and is the most important factor for the success of the technology.
In Tagmeel clinic, a selection of the most skilled plastic surgeons experienced in fat injections at the highest level of safety and following the best standards of safety and international quality.

Is fat injection a permanent technique?
In the beginning, you must realise, our dear reader, that a certain amount of fat is absorbed in the body during the first two weeks and is about 35%, with about 65% left in the body.

The validity of fats and their survival depends on several criteria, including:
1-The quality of liposuction, purification and transfer and being with the highest safety standards and under strict sterilization to maintain its vitality and effectiveness.
2-The experience of the surgeon and his skill in maintaining the efficacy of fat cells.
3-The patient's commitment and follow of instructions after the injections accurately, especially in the first weeks.
4-No sharp or sudden loss of weight as it affects the amount of fat injected because it becomes part of the body affected by all the changes that occur.

In this regard, we must mention that fat injections continue for a period of one year or more. The case may require re-injection again to maintain the results. Some fatty cells can be stored in the hospital for use when needed and continue to be effective for 3 months.

Fat injections are only made by a plastic surgeon only!
Nowadays, it has spread the fashion of cosmetic injection procedures in places other than cosmetic doctor and cosmetic centers.
The filler, Botox and fat injections can also be injected into famous beauty salons without any medical supervision or medical and pharmacological control.
Tagmeel clinic warns of the use of these places to make any cosmetic procedure in order to protect your health and avoid any complications and serious side effects that may occur to you.

Fat injections or Filler injections?
As is known in cosmetic medicine, each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. Now Tagmeel clinic will offer you a simplified comparison of the difference between fat injections and filler injections, the most common two procedures to fill areas in the body. Which is better?!
1-Fat injection takes longer time because it includes several steps of liposuction, purification and transfer but filler injections are ready-made injections that are injected in less than half an hour.
2-The validity and efficacy of fat injections in the body is longer than the filler injections.
3-Fat injections are less expensive than filler injections especially in cases of filling large areas of the body such as the buttocks and breasts.
4-In contrast, filler injections are suitable for all cases. Fat injections are not suitable if the woman suffers from total under-weight and there are no amounts of fat in her body to be transferred to the areas to be filled.

Post Fat injections:
-The recovery period lasts about two weeks until the swelling is eliminated and the body adapts to the injected fat.
-You may notice some swelling and discomfort which are normal in the first days after the injections and gradually disappear over time.
-You must commit to the doctor's instructions and wear the medical corset for at least two weeks.

-Injection of fat has become one of the best injection techniques in the cosmetic world, where you will shine with attractive feminine curves and filling to the areas of your body that were suffering from thinness and atrophy and now radiate vitality and beauty.

Weight fluctuations... Enemy of fat injection:
Fat injections are injections of fatty cells in the areas to be filled and packaged. These fatty cells become part of the body affected by the descent and increase in weight. So they are reduced with a sharp descent in weight.
Therefore, Tagmeel Clinic advises you to keep the weight stable as much as possible to maintain the outcome of the process.