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How to choose a sunscreen cream?

1-Choose sunscreen cream with SPF 50 protection factor.
2-Choose a sunscreen cream with wide protection (Broad Spectrum protection) or that protect you from UVA ultraviolet rays as well as UVB.
3-Choose the right cream for your skin type whether it is dry, greasy or normal.
4-Choose water resistant cream.
And dont neglect applying it once you leave the house not just in the summer resorts And also renew it every two hours.

Sunlight has many benefits when exposed to it moderately and most importantly, it is a primary source of vitamin D in the body.
But at direct exposure in long periods to sunlight, it causes many damage to the body and skin. This is the result of exposure to harmful UV rays.

Here are some of the damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun, especially at the afternoons:
1-Skin burns: occurs during direct exposure to the sun for long periods, where skin burns, irritation and bitterness.
2-The appearance of skin pigmentation, Acne and black heads on the skin.
3-The appearance of skin diseases such as rashes and in some cases, skin cancer.
4-The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin that appear as a result of aging or long exposure to sunlight that damage the skin collagen. It loses its vitality and freshness and causes signs of aging on it.

A lot of cosmetic procedures are being used in Tagmeel Center for treating Sun damaged skin as: Fractional laser
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